Business Consulting Services

Our Business & Entrepreneurship Centers offer advanced business consulting services with our experts on starting up a business and finding market opportunities for business growth.

Business Start-up

An exciting time for new business owners & entrepreneurs

There are many opportunities in a downturn economy to start a new business. Charged with helping the local economy remain vibrant and strong by helping small businesses achieve economic growth, the Business & Entrepreneurship Centers are part of the EWD programs. Hosted throughout community colleges throughout California, we offer one-stop assistance and a wealth of information, expertise and guidance to business owners and budding entrepreneurs.

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Business Expansion

Smart tools to grow your business

Even in a downturn economy, businesses are looking at new ways to expand and grow. Whether you are an early stage entrepreneur or an established business, EWD's team of business advisors can provide you with business counseling in a wide variety of disciplines including business plan development, accounting and bookkeeping, marketing and sales, and technology. We can also provide you with assistance in accessing capital, state and federal government contracting and much more.

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