Health Workforce Initiative

Delivering Healthcare Training and Education

Economic and Workforce Development (EWD) is an integral part of the California Community Colleges and its Doing What Matters for Jobs and the Economy framework, investing funding and resources in healthcare.

You may tap our many resources and services in two ways.

#1 Become a Doing What Matters Business Partner: If you are interested in advising our regional teams about how to leverage funding and design curriculum to meet the needs of the health industry, contact our Sector Navigator below.

#2 Tap into our Health Workforce Services: EWD's industry-specific workforce services are coordinated by Deputy Sector Navigators who align community college and other workforce development resources with the needs of industry sectors that result in highly specialized industry training, technical consulting and business development. Healthcare businesses can access the Health Workforce Initiative (HWI) that is dedicated to serving California's healthcare companies with innovative solutions that are unique and customized to your business. We identify the workforce needs of California's health care delivery systems and develop solutions through a comprehensive problem-solving process that includes assessment and analysis, planning and development, and implementation and evaluation. We provide education and training programs to meet emerging demands for California's health care industry workers; to determine needs, facilitate development of innovative solutions and to locate resources to implement planned responses; to evaluate and initialize health-related educational programs.

Expands – California's Vital Health Care Workforce

Trains – Health Care Job Analysis and Curriculum Development

Partners – Solving Challenges in Health Care

HWI Website:

Health Workforce Initiative (HWI)

A California Community Colleges program

Contact Information

Sector Navigator

Statewide Sector Navigator

Linda L. Zorn, RD, MA
Phone: 530-879-9069

Doing What MATTERS for Business & Industry
Sector Navigator

Deputy Sector Navigators

Region A
Northern Inland
Northern Coastal

Greater Sacramento

Trudy L. Old
Phone: 530-879-9049

Sue Hussey, M.S., OT/L
Phone: 916-650-2767

Region B
SF/San Mateo, Silicon Valley,
Santa Cruz/Monterey

North Bay, East Bay,
SF/San Mateo

Cynthia Harrison, RN, MS
Phone: 408-855-5340 or 408-855-5215

Barbara Gammon Brock, BS, MPA
Phone: 707-815-5733

Region C
Central Valley
Mother Lode

Valerie Fisher, RN, MA
Phone: 559-737-6252

Region D
South Central Coast

John Cordova, RN
Phone: 562-505-4409

Region E
San Diego/Imperial

Ann Durham, MSN, FNP, Esq.
Phone: 619-644-7057

Region F
Inland Empire Desert

Avante E. Simmons, RD
Phone: 760-636-7945

Region G
Los Angeles

Orange County

Shari Herzfeld, RN, MN
Phone: 562-463-7004

Laurie Sienkiewicz, DNP, RN, ONC
Phone: 714-895-8975