Retail/Hospitality/Tourism “Learn and Earn”

Serving Retail, Hospitality & Tourism

Economic and Workforce Development (EWD) is an integral part of the California Community Colleges and its Doing What Matters for Jobs and the Economy framework, investing funding and resources in Retail/Hospitality/Tourism/’Learn & Earn’.

You may tap our many resources and services in two ways.

#1 Become a Doing What Matters Business Partner: If you are interested in advising our regional teams about how to leverage funding and design curriculum to meet the needs of the retail, hospitality and tourism industries, contact our Sector Navigator below.

#2 Tap into our Retail/Hospitality/Tourism/“Learn and Earn” Services: EWD's industry-specific workforce services are coordinated by Deputy Sector Navigators who align community college and other workforce development resources with the needs of industry sectors that result in highly specialized industry training, technical consulting and business development. Retail/Hospitality/Tourism/’Learn & Earn’ businesses can contact our Deputy Sector Navigators who are dedicated to serving California's Retail/Hospitality/Tourism/’Learn & Earn’ companies with innovative solutions that are unique and customized to your business. The Retail, Hospitality and Tourism sectors already employ over 3 million people in California and are expected to add an additional 390,000 jobs by 2015. This rapid growth combined with the large number of workers already employed in these sectors, provides an opportunity for the California Community Colleges to deliver education and training that addresses the needs of industry and helps advance California’s economy.

The Community College Chancellor’s Office and the Retail/Hospitality/Tourism “Learn and Earn” priority sector representatives are working with business and industry, California Community Colleges, trade organizations, and economic development agencies to develop programs, and create a pipeline of skilled workers ready to grow a career in these exciting fields.

Upgrade – Onsite Workforce Skills Instruction

Enhance – Job Retention, Career Readiness and Career Advancement

Improve – Productivity through Basic Workforce Skills Training

Where Great Careers Begin:

California Retail/Hospitality/Tourism

A California Community Colleges program

Contact Information

Sector Navigator

Statewide Sector Navigator

Philip Sutton
Phone: 310-973-3172
Fax: 310-973-3132

Doing What MATTERS for Business & Industry
Sector Navigator

Deputy Sector Navigators

Region B
SF/San Mateo, East Bay, Silicon Valley
North Bay, Santa Cruz/Monterey

Andrea Vizenor
Phone: 650-738-7124
Cell: 650-766-5060

Region C
Central Valley
Mother Lode

Shelley Attix
Phone: 209-386-6734

Region G
Los Angeles
Orange County

Ruth Cossio-Muniz
Phone: 714-564-5521

Retail/Hospitality/Tourism “Learn and Earn” Centers

Los Rios CCD, Sacramento, CA
Valerie Carrigan, Director
Phone: 916-563-3253
Fax: 916-563-3270

West Valley College, Saratoga, CA
Patricia Call, Interim Director
Phone: 408-741-2526

Cuyamaca College, El Cajon, CA
Linda Waring, Director
Phone: 619-660-4508
Fax: 619-660-4386